Diddy Ex-Bodyguard Claims He Intervened To Stop Diddy Beating Kim Porter 

Diddy Kim Porter

Roger Bonds blasted Diddy’s apology video and accused Diddy of violently assaulting Kim Porter and others.  

Diddy’s former bodyguard, Roger Bonds, accused Diddy of assaulting his late ex-partner, Kim Porter. 

Furthermore, Bonds claims he intervened during the alleged beatings, just like he did on multiple occasions when the disgraced Bad Boy Records founder violently assaulted Cassie Ventura. 

On Sunday (May 19), Bonds shared his reaction to Diddy’s apology video. The Hip-Hop mogul apologized to Ventura after CNN published a video of Diddy chasing Ventura down a hotel hallway before brutally beating and kicking her.   

Bonds objected to Diddy claiming to have been at “rock bottom,” at the time. According to Bonds, the hotel video was not an isolated incident, and alleged Diddy has a long history of being violent with Ventura, Kim Porter and others.  

“YOU WAS WHIPPING NOT ONLY HER ASS & KIMS ASS BUT OTHERS,” he wrote on his Instagram Story while teasing an upcoming exposé.  

In a follow-up post, Bonds blasted Diddy’s “b####### apology,” calling him out for not mentioning Cassie by name.  

“BUT TELL HIM TO MENTION EVERYONE NAME INCLUDING KIM PORTER,” he said before adding, “I got in between them [too].” 

Bonds continued, “I was manipulated also, maybe not in a physical way but an emotional way that you people who don’t even know this man will never understand. F### that woman Beater!!!!!” 

Instagram/Roger Bonds

In her bombshell lawsuit, Ventura claimed Bonds unsuccessfully tried to intervene on multiple occasions when Diddy was assaulting her. She detailed several incidents, including one altercation Bonds tried to stop Diddy “stomping on her face.”