Diddy & Kanye West Accused Of Sexual Assault By Niykee Heaton: “I’ll Never Forget”

Read the chilling details of the alleged assault that Niykee Heaton says she’ll never forget.

Singer-songwriter Niykee Heaton has accused both Diddy and Kanye West of sexual assault, alleging bystanders watched and took no action to prevent the incident.

In a lengthy Instagram Live, Heaton recalled the alleged 2014 occurrence took place when she was 19, following the success of her song “Bad Intentions” featuring Migos and OG Parker.

According to Heaton, she soon received a late-night invite to connect with Diddy and West in the recording studio, which she accepted. Upon arriving tot he studio, Heaton claims she met Diddy and West, who were with three other men, one of which was Ye’s cousin, in addition to at least nine other women she called “studio hoes.”

She alleges she was immediately offered a drink, which she claims was laced, and says things began to take a turn for the worst when everyone except Diddy, West and the other three men left the studio. Heaton then claims the assault began once Diddy and West demanded she take her clothes off.

“They were like, ‘c’mon! It’s just us, we’re all just friends lets just see how you look,'” Heaton said in part. “I still haven’t gotten scared yet. I’m like, this is a bad situation, I’m creeped out, but there’s no reason to panic. There are other men here.”

Heaton continued, alleging that after she refused to remove her clothes, both Diddy and West forced themselves on her and began taking off her clothes without her consent.

“This is the part that for long as I live I’ll never f###ing forget,” Heaton said. “It isn’t actually the aspect of being sexually assaulted. That’s not what haunts me…i’s as these two grown men were pawing at me trying to take my clothes off, I look over to this man asking for help, and I literally mouth the word ‘help’ and we lock eyes, and he looks away.”

Heaton says the attack left her devastated, claiming that once she managed to escape, she “sat there for like 20, 25 minutes just like crying like, ‘What the f##k do I do?’ The moral of the f###### story, stay out of the industry. If you have daughters make sure to tell them that their idols they should never meet and never go to the f###### studio with anyone even if you’re invited there as an artist, unless you have a bodyguard with you.”

Heaton’s allegations follow a lawsuit filed by her former manager, Lauren Pisciotta, who was Ye’s former assistant, accusing West of sexual assault, contract breach and wrongful termination.

Heaton also alleged that Pisciotta was present during the night the alleged assault took place and claims she left the room, despite requests to stay. Heaton says she didn’t come forward with the allegations sooner due to the fact she felt as though no one believed her. She also cited Pisciotta’s recent lawsuit as part of the reason she elected to speak out now.

On the other hand, Pisciotta’s lawsuit alleges West perpetrated multiple sexually explicit crimes against her, including allegedly sending her lewd texts and masturbating while speaking to her on the phone. The lawsuit also accuses West of pleasuring himself in front of her after trapping her in a private area on his plane. Watch the full video from Heaton’s IG Live above.