Diddy Thought He Would Have Been Better Than Tupac As Bishop In “Juice”

Sean Diddy Combs

Can you imagine Diddy as Bishop in “Juice?” It has been revealed the Bad Boy mogul wanted Tupac’s breakout role. Read more!

Diddy done fell and bumped his head somewhere in 1992, thinking he could’ve played Bishop in the cult-classic “Juice.”

Fat Joe recently hosted Ralph McDaniels in the latest session of his Instagram live. You never know what type of controversy may arise. 

Through casual conversation, Joe seems to know how to get intricate details out of Hip-Hop’s biggest names. During the conversation, the legendary host of Video Music Box recalled getting a call from the Bad Boy Entertainment CEO.

Ralph explains Juice was the first movie he ever worked on. At the time, Diddy was working on a film with Andre Harrell, but he was eventually fired. This prompted the call.

“He said Ralph, you’re working on Juice‘. I want to be Bishop. I saw the script, Bishop, that’s me,” Uncle Ralph revealed.

Puzzled by Diddy’s sudden inquiry, he assured him Tupac already had the job.

These days, Diddy seems to have a loving attitude toward all. Despite changing his middle name to Love back in May 2022, Thirty years ago, he may have been a straight-up hater.

In response to the “I Ain’t Mad At Cha” rapper being picked for the role of Bishop, Diddy supposedly said “Nah, I’m from Harlem Ralph, just think about it. Think about the script. That’s me!”

Ralph concluded this was a hard ask. Fat Joe seemed to have a similarly puzzling look before laughing at the thought of Diddy playing Bishop.

Bishop was supposed to be from Harlem. 

With Diddy, there’s a feeling he would’ve been a little more “money-earning Mt. Vernon.”