Diddy’s Baby Mama Blew His Child Support Money


Photo by Slaven Vlasic Getty Images Entertainment

According to TheJasmineBrand.com:

Diddy seems to be upset with his baby mama Misa Hylton Brim (mother to Justin Combs). According to CitiBank, Misa and Diddy owe close to $623K for defaulting on Misa’s $712 loan for her New York home. Diddy is being held accountable also because he co-signed the bank loan, allegedly because Misa had bad credit and was raising their son. It seems like Misa was blowing money fast, as she stopped making payments back in 2010. Diddy is said to be extremely upset because he paid out a lot of money to Misa for child support over the years, and some of that money was supposed to go towards her mortgage payment. Diddy is hot with Misa for not being able to manage her finances. Diddy wants the case dropped, but the judge has sided with the bank. We can assume that Diddy is also mad because Justin is now grown and lives in California.

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