Jay-Z Finally Settles The ‘Dinner With Hova or $500K’ Debate Once & For All


In a nutshell: take the money, stupid.

Jay-Z is finally settling the ‘Dinner with Hova or $500k’ debate once and for all.

And LLC Twitter is about to take another L.

You may recall that, a few days ago, a Twitter user by the name of @ProfitWithAnt decided to try to scam y’all out of your hard-earned money drop what he thought was some knowledge about the whole “Dinner with Jay-Z” debate.

According to this idiot genius, a steak dinner with Shawn Carter where Hova is going to stick you with the bill is worth more than half a million dollars (which can also buy you this nice house in Massapequa, NY, with no mortgage, but don’t go by me, because I actually have more than a few college degrees).

So anyway, Struggle Profit with Ant suggested that one go homeless so one can sit in the same room with Jay-Z and “absorb some knowledge,” even though there are countless people around Hova that don’t make that kind of money in one year with him.

Well, apparently, Hova heard the “Song Cry” (!) and decided that anybody who even thought to take this advice was a f##king idiot. And in case you still weren’t sure he felt that way, he decided to spell it out for you in black and white:

It’s not every day that we see Jay-Z call LLC Twitter idiots for being this stupid with their money. But on the days that we see it, it’s nothing short of magic.

You get it now? Good.