Doechii’s DJ Accuses Delta Air Lines Employee Of Stealing Sex Toy


A Delta employee allegedly stole DJ Miss Milan’s vibrator at an airport. She is the DJ of TDE star Doechii.

DJ Miss Milan, the DJ of Top Dawg Entertainment artist Doechii, called out Delta Air Lines for an employee’s alleged theft on Wednesday (July 3). The DJ said a Delta worker broke into her luggage and stole her vibrator.

“By the way @Delta one of your nasty employees decided to go in my bag and take my vibrator!” she wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter). “Absolutely disgusted. I know for a fact it was stolen because I had a lock on my bag and that lock was missing. I checked my bag & I noticed the vibrator was missing. Extremely gross!”

DJ Miss Milan mentioned a Delta employee breaking her lock and digging through her bag on Saturday (June 29).

“I really wanna know why @delta went in my luggage and took my lock too,” she wrote.

Days later, Doechii’s DJ was still shocked by the brazen invasion of privacy and theft. She questioned the employee’s mindset.

“I came home to be DJ Miss Nasty and realize that s### was not in my bag like wtf?!” she wrote. “Lock gone and so is my toy like wow lmao how fucky can you really be???! You gonna use it at work?! wtf.”

DJ Miss Milan’s poor experience with Delta occurred a few months after Doechii clashed with Azealia Banks on social media. Banks called Doechii a “wannabe,” which elicited a response from the TDE rapper/singer.

“The first time you came for me I let it slide outta respect for my elders,’ Doechii wrote. “It’s not my fault you sellin bussy soap and I’m sellin platinum records. Leave me alone PLEASE.”

Doechii dropped a new single titled “Rocket” in June. She partnered with Sprite for the song’s music video.

Watch the “Rocket” video below.