Does Doe B’s Mother Want To Talk To T.I.?

Will T.I. and Doe’s Mom Talk?

This situation with T.I. and Doe B is not going away. I promise. There is more to come, but in the meantime, I am getting word that Tip may want to talk to Doe’s mother! Her name is Shirley Thomas and she sent a very respectful “kite” to Tip, a source has revealed to me. Well, check out what she has to say. I wonder if the call request is because of this notion that T.I. owes Doe B. Click here for that story. Remember Tip COMPLETELY denies that he owes Doe anything and says that he made no money off of him either. Peep it.

Meanwhile, Tip has dropped this dope EP called “Da Nic” – click here to read it.