Does Kodak Black Favor Lightskinned Dancers?

Kodak is calling, big cap!

Recently, Kodak Black found himself in the Colorism crosshairs. An unspecified social media user attests that he upholds Colorism ideals. Is this why Yak is sending shots at allegations of being a card-toting Colorist? Does he actually favor light-skinned dancers?

Listen. Willie Lynch is one of America’s most profoundly twisted minds. As a matter of fact, his deceitful public relations campaign is still gripping the nation. Be that as it may, could the “Tunnel Vision” MC have fallen prey to this diseased train of thought?

Accordingly, Its On Site captures the emphatic position of Kutthroat Bill. Of course, he could not wait to air out what he considers to be bogus accusations. So, now the Super Gremlin is activated.

The rapper was accused of only showering the lighter colored dancers with money when he visited The B#### Trap club.

“WHOEVER RECORDED THAT LAME AF,” the comment commences. Next, the Florida native does not hesitate to specify his preferences, “I THREW MONEY ON ALL KINDA WOMEN.” Moreover, he finally mentions how long his money stretches, “MY MONEY DONT RUN OUT IN DAT CLUB EVERYBODY LOVE ME THERE.”

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Finally, the number one narrator confessed, “I LOVE DARK WOMEN THEY QUEENS WIT DEY BLACK A*S.” Above all, Kodak Black matter-of-factly states the obvious, “FAXTZ THO THEY BEAUTIFUL.”

So, is the candid explanation enough to assuage any misconceptions about the “Roll In Peace” rapper?