Does Playboi Carti Worship Satan?

Playboi Carti

A source with AllHipHop swears Playboi Carti worships the devil and gives her evidence. Others just say he’s a serial abuser.

Playboi Carti is something else. But, what is he though? That is the real question.

You guys might recalled that Playboi Carti was recently branded a “serial abuse” for choking his then-girlfriend who also happened to be pregnant. This happened in December and he managed to catch an assault charge to go with it. You know that Iggy Azalea, Carti’s ex and BM, co-signed the abuse and reasserted that she was abused as well.

So, there’s that history, but does that add to the rumor that he worships a big, red and evil man-god? It might and it might not. First of all, let me put this here: a girl left Rolling Loud because he sounded “demonic.” Various grunts and sounds didn’t help those rumors either. What was happening during the performance was disturbing too. Carti’s performance at Rolling Loud Cali was cut short after only a few songs. His performance resulted in fans acting a complete fool. Some fans reportedly lit fires, others jumped over barricades and some were injured. Some rumors even stated that somebody died during the performance, but that was not true.

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So, about a year ago, I got a rumor about Carti too. I didn’t push it out there because it was already old when the person told me. But Carti reportedly came to a university on the East Coast. I won’t say the exact school, but I will say it is a bigger city. Carti performed at the basketball stadium of the school and a witness said he likely worshipped the big red guy that some say does not exist! First, she said he had an inverted cross. Secondly, he and his people trashed the box office were they occupied, which also means they could be like a rock group. She said he and the crew were “nasty, dirty, devil worshippers” – her words. She also said they didn’t tip. WOW.