Don Q Went HAM On Lil TJay For Naming Names

Lil Tjay has raised the ire of some of his New York counterparts.

We need a break from all the killing and violence. Lil TJay decided to come back out rapping and singing an I guess he wants to discuss who may have had him shot. So he decides to do a 50 Cent and re-do “Many Men.” But 50 came out almost 20 years ago! Also, 50 & G-Unit moved like SWAT back in those days. Untouchable! You gotta be easy on what you put out in the world. The last rapper – Pop Smoke – that did that song after 50 ended us dead.

Well, somewhere in there he named some names. I ain’t gonna lie, I didn’t pick up on it. Don Q did. And he lashed out.

He going hard, but making sure there is no link between him and the shooting of Lil TJay.

What you think about that?

Can the young buck follow the unit selling his yayo to the bank?