Whose President Is This? Donald Trump Hit A Kid In The Head With A Baseball

Donald Trump

What an idiot!

Your man Donald Trump is at it again.

White America’s shining example of failing upwards has bonked a kid in the head with a baseball while at the World Series.

TMZ, God bless them, has caught it all on video for posterity.

As they report, “the video shows a young boy desperately attempting to get DT’s attention. Finally, the ex-prez heard the kid, and asked him to throw a baseball for him to sign. The 75-year-old politician grabbed a marker from a Secret Service agent … and signed the baseball. Then came time to toss the ball back … and that’s when Donald Trump plunked a kid square in the dome, after an adult male who was with the kid failed to make the routine catch.”

Let’s be reminded that this is the same man who claimed he was going to go “pro” as a baseball player, which I’m sure makes the likes of Mariano Rivera tremble in his boots. Just look at the grace and elegance with which Donald Trump tosses a baseball. Classy!

“I was supposed to be a pro baseball player. At the New York Military Academy, I was captain of the baseball team. I worked hard like everyone else, but I had good talent,” he said back in 2004.

Obvious BS aside, this is clearly more than Donald Trump ever threw a baseball with his own sons, so there’s that.