Donald Trump May Pardon Lil Wayne And Kodak Black

Donald Trump Lil Wayne Kodak Black

Kodak Black and Lil Wayne anxiously await, with baited breath for Trump to pardon them.

Donald Trump is planning to pardon Lil Wayne and Kodak Black.

Well that is the rumor!

Way back before the election, we wrote a long feature story that was investigative in nature and that story detailed various rapper’s support for Donald Trump, and the reasons for that support. That support was varied and diverse, but many of them expressed their willingness to work with, side with and rock with Donald Trump.

Lil Wayne, who has no political leanings whatsoever, endorsed Donald Trump formally, unlike other rappers. Ice Cube tiptoed to the line but did not cross. And people like Lil Pump did foolish, headline grabbing maneuvers that showed he was a complete idiot.

But the play was in, by rappers like Lil Wayne and Kodak Black who have legal quandaries in front of them. Both rappers have made it clear:  The Donald can help them out! In our article, which was written by Chuck Creekmur, he predicted that this was the reason that Wayne endorsed Donald Trump for president instead of Joe Biden who was the people’s choice. Kodak Black, on the other hand, made it absolutely clear that he needed Donald Trump to help him get out of his legal spiderweb. He is in jail for fraudulently trying to get a gun through invalid paperwork. A no-no for a felon. Donald Trump has been pardoning people left and right, letting loose baby killers, people that kick kittens and other scum-like organisms. But I digress…

I am sure that this will bode well for some people who supported Trump before the election or are looking for a reason to support him now. “He helped Lil Wayne!” Donald Trump certainly will I need to honor his word if he wants to get supported by folks in the future. These folks should take an intelligence test to determine if they are qualified to speak here all, but for the time being, it’s as simple as having a Platinum Plan and help a few individuals, and then you can get folks behind you.

Donald Trump, has issues of his own. I am not sure he has the bandwidth to handle a pair of rappers. But he may. 45 is looking at impeachment for the second time and others in the capital are looking to evoke an amendment that allows for his swift removal. The amendment would have to come from his allies like VP Mike Pence, which is highly unlikely. 

So, if Donald Trump intends to help these rappers and others he better move quickly before he is snatched out of office before the inauguration of President elect Joe Biden and soon-to-be VP Kamala Harris.

By the way, Trump is also allegedly looking to pardon himself, something that is unprecedented. 

This ain’t the first time we have been here, by the way.

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