Will Trump Pardon Lil Wayne?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has the power that Lil Wayne needs to get his a### out of trouble!

The big question of the day is will Donald Trump pardoned Lil Wayne? For those that have been under a rock for the day  -Lil Wayne was caught with guns, drugs, and ammunition on his private plane almost a year ago. The rapper, was straight busted and even admitted to owning the gun. He said the gun was a Father’s Day gift from his daughter. WHAT A GIFT THAT KEEPS GIVING!

After the initial bust, there was literally nothing stated until today. And the charges that were brought down upon Lil Wayne were those related to the gun in the ammo. Perhaps the drugs were such a small amount that they did not bother to charge him with that. Because Lil Wayne is a felon, the guns in the ammo or illegal. Now the cash money rapper is facing some serious jail times. He is due back in court next month.

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The big question: Will Donald Trump, the outgoing president of the United States of America, help the rapper get out of his conundrum?? As you already know, Wayne endorsed Donald Trump in a most flagrant and major way right before the election. A mere days before the presidential election, Wayne comes out in full fledge support of Donald Trump! People were surprised, but it’s not out of line or off-brand of Lil Wayne. However, folks looked at him like he had a clown suit on. In an article on AllHipHop, it was theorized Donald Trump and Lil Wayne struck a deal for when such charges came down on him. Donald Trump has the capacity to pardon folks for crimes on his way out. That includes his own crimes, and he is expected to pardon himself he is a citizen again. That’s right, the president who is accused of a number of criminal activities can actually pardon himself. Obama, for example, gave out 1715 pardons when he was walking out the door. Most of those were victims of the “war on drugs.” Donald Trump is expected to do the same but we’ll see who he gives this privilege to when he leaves the office, if he leaves the office. We know he does not want to leave the office because there is a lot of legal dancing that he’s going to have to do.

So what does all this mean to Lil Wayne? The hope is he’s able to get his butt out of trouble, but will soon see, won’t we?

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