What Are Drake And Future Planning?


Drake and Future may be up to something…

What are Drake and Future working on?

Let’s get this thing started! Drake, the artist of the decade, is out here starting rumors by omission. The word on the street, is that Drake has abandoned his Certified Lover Boy album that was supposed to drop this summer and has replaced it with the music with Future. We know Future and Drake have great chemistry when it comes to music and they created a banger with What A Time To Be Alive (WATTBA).

What could they be working on – Part Two? A SEQUAL?!

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That is what the Internet are saying right now! Be very clear, this is all speculative! This is 1000% speculative and is in no way rooted in fact. In fact, the rumor started with a pair of white guys that have devoted their life to Drake! But, there may just be some validity to what they’re saying. Drake is a certified hit maestro…why the delay??? We are waiting!

Certified Lover boy should’ve dropped already by now! Something should’ve dropped, but all I keep seeing is Drake ringside at basketball games! We’re not seeing enough evidence that he’s actually dropping new music! Obviously, if Drizzle drops music, we’re going to get it!

That said, are we interested in seeing Future and Drake on new songs? I think so! We want these guys booming in jeeps from Cali to New York! Is this going to happen? I personally think it is highly unlikely, but maybe it is just a song on…WATTBA 2!

By the way, I was today-years-old when I found out they were sued for this song and why its been scrubbed off youtube in the original form.