Drake Beef: Here’s A List Of All Rappers Who Don’t Seem To Like Him

Drake and Rick Ross

All hands on deck! It seems like everybody has beef with Drake. Check out the names of people that want all the smoke or at least are unfollowing on social media.

Oh yeah—the drama just hit a whole new level of spicy, y’all! Let us begin.

Rick Ross no longer follows Drake on IG. Nav no longer follows Drake on Instagram. Future and Drake are outright beefing. Oh, and don’t forget Kendrick. There are more, so read on.

Drake and Future have been throwing shade like it’s sunny all year, but Drake just pulled a move that’s got everyone talking. There’s this fresh clip floating around the internet, where Drake makes his entrance at his concert, blasting Future’s track “My Savages” for all to hear. He has always been one to get into it with certain people, but this seems to be him putting a match on a river of gas.

Social media’s on fire. The comments sections are universally trash-talking about this stuff. But what does it all mean? Does it mean Drake is about to go into beastmode? It’s all speculation for now. But, it seems like Future and Metro Boomin’s latest album, We Don’t Trust You, is laying the groundwork for a very hot summer. Seems like Kendrick Lamar and Future are tag teaming the Candadian.

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But, for what? Ahhhhhh…it’s so basic and petty. The are reportedly beefing over a girl. The title track of the album seems to be Future’s response to Drake’s verses in “What Would Pluto Do” on For All The Dogs. One online post said the issue actually goes back a couple years. Drake supposedly went at Future on “More M’s” from the Her Loss album with 21 Savage. Other people have said that Travis Scott put the battery in Future’s back, which seems to make sense.

A$AP Rocky has been caught liking tweets from Metro Booming that go at Drake from a performance at Rolling Loud. Yung Miami recently crown Future the G.O.A.T., when we know that Drake believes himself to be that. Also, we now know that Rick Ross no longer follows Drake. Kendrick is basically BEGGING Drake to reply to him. Not sure J. Cole or Drake want to risk it all for some rap beef. Only time will tell.

Nav is a name we don’t hear to often on the rumor page. But he’s also stopped following Drake, stirring the pot even more. Nav is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer signed to The Weeknd’s label. He also produced for Drake a few years ago. He even has a CURRENT album that has a Drake verse, BUT he isn’t using it. That’s heavy.

Drake, catching wind that Nav was not following him on the ‘Gram, decides to get petty. He took to Instagram and quoted Nav. He said, “I ain’t picking up I’m in Turks lil baby,” which is from Nav’s 2020 hit “Turks.” The only thing is we don’t know the reason for Nav’s sudden disdain for Drake. In the past, he’s always talked highly of him.

So, what does this all mean? What does it mean for J. Cole? It seems like the lines are being drawn and they are using permanent ink. At least Meek isn’t involved.