Drake DM’s Reviewer Nasty Note And Promoted It!


Drake slides into the DMs of a reviewer than trashed his lashed his album “Honestly, Nevermind.” The result is hilarity and chaos.

I see Drake doing a lot. He definitely is out here playing basketball, making albums, living his life and more. More life.

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But, he took time out to jump into the DMs of a well-known reviewer of albums named Fantano. I respect A. Fantano because he does not mince words, is not industry and take a very analytical approach to reviewing music. He reminds me of the old days of Hip-Hop, where people actually listened to the music.

ANYWAY, when Fanny reviewed the latest OPUS by Drake, he did what he does. He reviewed Honestly, Nevermind. The headline says it all. Him saying the album is “not good” does not lead to “its GREAT!” Somehow, between shooting hoops, raising a son and getting his hair braided with the Nike sign, Drake saw what was happening on social.

And he acted!

Drake just slid into buddy’s DMs!

Damn, if this dude is a “light 1” in life, what am I? A heavy zero???

Not the Pusha T Gif!

Dude does not GAF. I have to respect it, because I still want to be buddies with Drake. Like can I ride in the jet.

ANYWAY. Fans really wish Drake had not responded to Fantano! He just gave this dude respect, like an arch enemy! You know Drake’s next project is going to be different now, because he is thinking of Fanny! That may be a good thing. Hmmmmmm…..