SIGNS: Elon Musk Launches “1984” ID Verification Stunt At Twitter (X)

Elon Musk

Man, J Kwon was really ahead of his time when he said, “Yo I got a fake ID though.”

Either Elon Musk has decided to fully lean into the “Big Brother” dystopian tech company stereotype at Twitter (X) full force, or there’s just some suspect new world order s### going on.

Whichever it is, Musk, Twitter (X) and the whole team of feds presumably working over there at Twitter-turned-tyranny, got me all the way f###ed up if they think I’m uploading my government ID directly to a social media app.

While it appears the new ID Verification feature coming to Twitter (X) will allow users to verify their account by uploading photos of their identification to the app, it seems like no one really knows if it’s going to be mandatory to keep your profile or just for verification purposes when applying for a blue check. There’s one rumor circulating though—accounts will apparently receive a special “ID Verified” badge once they have submitted identification.

I can’t lie; this just feels wrong. It’s like when life imitates art, but the art depicts a weird advanced society where the government and major corporations have both the ability to grotesquely infringe on privacy rights and make a profit from the exploitation of the lack of one’s peace. I’m really out here contemplating being on my J Kwon “Tipsy” vibes and hollering “Yo I got a fake ID tho” when the Twitter (X) ID police come knocking on my door.

But let me chill and quit acting like this is a scene from They Cloned Tyrone before the neighborhood lab sends out a fresh clone and the goons to come get me. Until I find out more, I’m gone leave y’all with some words of wisdom from this generation’s oracle—none other than Druski.

“Y’all be safe, you know 12 out here.”