Fairy Talk: Plies Claps Back At Khia Over Gay Accusations


(AllHipHop Rumors) Can’t we all just get along. LOL!

Two rappers that certainly have time are Khia and Plies. Plies however seems to mind his business, and Khia seems to start sh-t.

The “My Neck, My Back,” rapper Khia is always one for controversy and opinion! It seems that almost daily she gives her unsolicited opinion on another celebrity. This time Plies was her “victim”.

Remember Beyonce’s Beyhive had to get her together once she came for their Queen.

People tend to take offense when controversial accusations are made about their sexuality, so Plies quickly came back at Khia.

Khia insinuated on Instagram that Plies was an in-the-closet gay man when she referred to him as “2016’s biggest closet creeper.” She called him a suspect fairy. She claims that “we” are ignoring all of the signs that Plies is on the “down low.”

Plies usually brings the insta-comedy, so he clapped back with what most think about Khia.

“I told her don’t get mad at me ’cause nobody don’t want that little dirty p-ssy. Dirty p-ssy, I pour some water on that p-ssy, that little p-ssy turn into mud. Old little dirty p-ssy ass,” said Plies.

No one ever wonders if Khia’s beefs are warranted or reasonable because she starts something with everyone. Lately she’s even gone in on Kanye West.

I really wonder why Khia doesn’t try to work with other artists instead of attacking them. SMDH.