Fake Drake Booted Off IG For Impersonating Drake

izzy drake fake drake

Izzy Drake, also known as Fake Drake has been booted off of social media for his impersonation shtick.

We finally got your a$$! you thought you were gonna sit around for the rest of your life and grow old emulating Drake. Well, that’s not the way it goes.

Wasn’t good enough to make $10,000 a show. It wasn’t enough for you to get thousands of thousands of people following you on social media. You had to go and challenge Drake to a fight! Duh! Look at you now.

Izzy Drake decided to go all out and challenged Drizzy The God to a celebrity boxing match. He said IF Drake beats him, he will stop impersonating him.

Huh? - Reaction GIFs

According to reports Fake Drake, who doesn’t really even look like Drake except for a haircut and light skin, has been banished from IG for impersonating the famous Toronto rapper. Not quite sure exactly where the report came from, but it seems to be a real thing, with several official news sites reporting on it.

It seems as though he was trying to turn a corner saying that he would change his name to just Izzy. Well, he might be able to do that now starting from scratch.

No word on what the real Drake thinks about this.

I wonder if Drake or one of his henchmen put in a word to get him booted? I bet that’s easy. Drake got a gazillion followers on IG…that’s MONEY. Even IG don’t wanna lose that cake.

By the way, Fake Drake just dropped a new song with the Fake Lil Durk. What is the world coming to?

Hey Drake, we don’t want no smoke.

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