Ya’ll Better Leave Remy And Pap’s Baby Alone!

Remy Ma unloads on “fan” that gets too closes to their baby!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Remy Ma and Pap are the American Dream. Some may disagree, but they have overcome tremendous odds to get get to this point and I know that God has blessed them? Why? ReminisceMacKenzieMackie!

Their bundle of joy aka The Golden Child is getting big so fast! They are also very public with her and therefore creepy people and clout chasers are going to show up. And that brings us to where we are now. First of all, take a look at this beautiful baby!  

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Now, here is what happened. Somebody decides it was a good idea to approach this Hip-Hop family with a camera in hand and video them as they get out of their car. Remy has a particularly visceral response and immediately goes to protect her princess. 

Check it out.


Remy knows she cannot have any sort of legal infractions or it could result in harsh penalties. I am thinking people just don’t GAF anymore about their fellow humans. They are just cool with these types of violations. having a permanent weed roller is a good person to have on deck to slap the ish out of somebody that violates. That would slow folks down a bit. 

Here is what Remy had to say about the matter.

And on top of that, Remy says that the person called their child ugly, which is false and unacceptable! 

Leave people and their kids alone! You broke azz fake TMZ!