Fans Really Think Lil Mabu Stole Chrisean Rock From Blueface

Blueface Chrisean Rock

Ain’t no way Blueface just up and propose to his Baby momma a week after Chrisean dropped a diss with her new man!

Petty isn’t even a word that’s fit enough to describe the relationship Blueface and Chrisean Rock had—even before the newly added layer of Lil Mabu’s trolling.

For those of us who were likely trying to get away from all of the drama emitting from the toxic couple’s rocky romance, Blueface and Chrisean Rock reportedly broke up. Shortly after, Rock teamed up with rumored industry plant rapper Lil Mabu to release their collaborative single “Take Ya B###H,” complete with one-liners aimed at the “Thotianna” rapper. “Gave birth to my kid but I hate his father,” Rock raps alongside Mabu.

Well, apparently it wasn’t all an act, after all. Fans have begun speculating that Chrisean Rock and Mabu are actually entertaining a real relationship with each other despite all of the distractions surrounding them. The pair have been purportedly seen out and about together and have also made a point to increase their shared visibility on social media, regularly going live with each other. However, the main tipping factor may be the alleged “Mabu’s P###y” tattoo Chrisean Rock appeared to debut in the video for the single. (Although many have pointed out it looks photoshopped.)

While Blueface has been fairly quiet regarding the matter, it appears as though he’s moved on. I think it’s absolutely wicked to question the legitimacy of a union between two people, but it’s hard to think Blueface is being sincere in his recent public proposal to the first mother of one of his children, Jaidyn Alexis.

Dawg, bro literally had strippers out at the Rams game either minutes before or after he popped the question. Ain’t no way that’s gonna last! Alexis did appear overwhelmed with happiness, crying real tears of joy following the proposal. Either way, Mabu appears to have successfully committed the robbery and Blueface has seemingly turned his player’s card in to settle down. It’s a win-win situation as far as happy endings” go for one most tumultuous relationships I’ve ever seen.

Peep the video of Blueface’s proposal to Alexis below.