FBG Duck’s Mom And Hassan Campbell Go At It, But Wack 100 Is The Voice Of Reason!

Momma Duck Hassan Campbell

Hassan Campbell and Mama FBG Duck Go At It…But, Can Peace Prevail Under Wack 100?

Momma Duck!

Hassan Campbell!

Wack 100!

I don’t know how this got past me, because the internet is going AWF. So, Hassan did what he does and he got on YouTube and lamblashed FBG Duck’s mom. He called her everything! A bad mom. A failure. A waste of flesh! There are so many thing she said. Well, part of the reason why he went in so hard was because she made fun of him allegedly getting molested by Afrika Bambaataa. Here are the videos.

And Mama Duck did what Mama Duck does. She is 47 years old, but I would imagine she is much older in her life experiences. Also, losing five kids is a hurt piece for her, but Mr. Campbell said you gonna listen to this speech. And he made his points.

Wack 100 has never been the type I would consider a thoughtful peacemaker, but that is exactly what happened. He got on the phone via Clubhouse and mediated PEACE between Hassan Campbell and Momma Duck. How did this happen?

Here is part 2.

By the way, the FBI relies heavily on US to solve murders and arrest people involved in high-profile murders like Duck’s!

What I did not realize is this is NOT new.

I am assuming Hassan Campbell isn’t going to Chi Town no time soon.