New Website Signals Flood Of Diddy Accusers May Be Coming Soon—YIKES


Somebody is looking to mine for victims in a recent move against Diddy, but will they be real or just people trying to get paid?

OK, this is crazy. I’m going to abruptly blame comedian Katt Williams for everything that’s going on. He manifested this insane year with that infamous interview with Shannon Sharpe. Anyway, we have seen crumbling houses thanks to that manifestation, and Diddy is the biggest of all of them in 2024. And somehow, I think it’s about to get worse.

A new website is pushing for people who have allegedly or are accusing Diddy of misconduct. All you have to do is sign up and they will to reach out to you and help you sue the mogul, if they deem you credible (I assume). This is insane. It reminds me of those slip-and-fall commercials that the ambulance-chasing lawyers have.

The reality is, Diddy is accused of some heinous stuff and this is what happens. Another recent lawsuit was levied against him and it doesn’t look like his legal woes will soon cease.

I will say this: I am happy to see that he and his son Christian are no longer bucking back. Just be quiet, sit down and let the legal process work its way out. If you are innocent, this will work out for you. If you are guilty or found guilty, you might as well enjoy the bit of freedom you have. Honestly, I am almost positive they are going to bring up RICO charges in this case. It seems like the new trendy crime.

They’re not paying me, so I’m not linking to their site, but here is what it looks like.