Freddie Gibbs Snags New Gig, Declares Who As The G.O.A.T!

It looks like Mr. Gibbs is embracing a new creative realm.

Regardless, of recent controversies, Freddie Gibbs is a lyrical beast. In addition, to his established artistic repertoire he is expanding his resume. To put it another way, he snags a new gig and soon declares this person as the reigning G.O.A.T.

First off, the Alfredo MC is familiar with both the independent grind and the major label route. In fact, he was once signed to Jeezy’s CTE World. Currently, he is linked up with Warner Brothers. With this in mind, the “Big Boss Rabbit” wordsmith is definitely capitalizing on his opportunities.

Pertaining, to Hip-Hop, Gangsta Gibbs is a natural. So, be that as it may, the Midwest musician is breaking into something new. Soon, he will be demonstrating his inner thespian. Yes, that’s right.

Recently, the veteran lyricist hopped on Twitter and announced his acting debut. Together with, NBC’s streaming app, Peacock, he will be guest starring on the new comedy show, Bust Down. Naturally, he is making his presence known.

So, those familiar with his body of work, understands the Gary native’s innate comedic timing. Apparently, it couples well with the camera’s unflinching lens. As a matter of fact, after making the initial announcement, he goes on to drop big news.

With this in mind, Freddie Gibbs, then reveals that he has earned a role within the Power Universe. So, an informative couple of tweets shares the news. “Much love to @50cent The 🐐,” writes a reflective Gibbs. Also, he adds the emphatic, “Let’s f##### go!!!!! #Power#Force

Finally, retrospect sums up his accomplishments, “Crazy how a Gary n*gga play 2 different Gary n*ggaz on 2 different shows.” Congrats go out to Mr. Gibbs.