Freddie Gibbs Responds to Jim Jones Beat Down Rumors

Freddie Gibbs responds to Jim Jones beat down rumors. A sarcastic video response details his thoughts on the faux fisticuffs.

Here are the details. Last night (Dec. 14), while at Miami’s Prime 112 Jim Jones and Freddie Gibbs allegedly got into a fight. With reports saying that Gibbs got dragged. So, today, Freddie Gibbs responds to those Jim Jones beat down rumors.

First off, in a quick video posted to social media, Gangsta Gibbs confidently flashes his smile. All of the pearly whites seem to still be intact. Next, his smooth unblemished complexion radiates as brightly as his smile. Hmmmm.

So, what, if anything actually happened? In fact, the “Alfredo” MC does not appear to be battered nor to be bruised. Wearing an unbothered smirk he comfortably walks down a hallway.

Finally, a slick Hamburglar grin introduces the “1985” spitter’s sarcastic comments, ““C’mon baby. It’s me. The rabbit.”

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Thus far, social media sleuths are offering serval opinions. These range from wanting these middle-aged men to sit down somewhere. To others, equating hubris to actually losing the alleged fight. While still, others look on at the Gary native with stars in their eyes.

Right now, it is undetermined if Freddie has hands. However, he definitely has bars. Listen.