Fredo Bang Gives His Location And Dares Opps To Pull Up

Fredo Bang

Fredo Bang is not one to be played with. He offered his location for his enemies to come and get him.

Fredo Bang is different. He is a rapper that has had some hits like “Oouuh” and “Top”. Coming from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you already know he’s real. But these days, he moving in ways that could be seen as very dangerous. Dangerous for who is the question.

Homie got on live and gave out exactly where he was and essentially dared his opposition to pull up on him.

“Pull up on me.. I give y’all 5 minutes to pull up,” Fredo Bang said. Needless to say, nobody showed up and he’s still alive.

Some people called him our for this. Some said this was just Fredo being stupid and risking his life. Others claim he was just BSing because there is no way anybody could get to him within five minutes. Regardless, I am sure that that rapper has whatever one could need to defend against such aggression.

See folks, Mr. Bang has already been charged with attempted murder in the past. He did the time and came home. Last year, he got out of jail after a parole violation. Remember him and Lit Yoshi were arrested shortly before Rolling Loud Miami.

There was also that shooting at NBA Youngboy. A lot of stuff, people.

Here’s the latest from Fredo.