Future’s Alleged Baby Mama Claims Rapper Refuses To Pay Child Support And Exposes His Supposed Sexual Fetish!


Rapper’s child’s mother says he actually is nice, but gives into the “devil” inside of him.

There are always very interesting stories swirling around Atlanta rapper Future regarding him and his children’s mothers.

One of the latest allegations connected to the “Life is Good” chart-topper is that he is a deadbeat dad and does not support his children if their mothers don’t bend to his every want or desire.

A woman named Krystal took to her social media and posted on her Instagram stories a series of messages about his “toxic” ways and how she is sick and tired of it.

“You can cuss Future out damn near slap that n#### and he will not trip, but go to the internet he gone come for your throat, he hates it!,” she wrote.

She followed that up with, “I know he miss me eating his ass, but we don’t need to be doing this bad term good term s### every few months! Toxic at a all time high,” she continued.

Krystal then threatened to take him to court like some of his other children’s mothers.

“I rather do s### legal way at this point because he gone play with me every time s### don’t go his way,” she wrote. “He not hurting me …you hurting your fat fat is what u call her u dumb ass fool!”

Despite that, she says, she still had sex with him, even while she was pregnant, something she no regrets.

“We was having sex while pregnant and only one time after an I was like man f### this I can’t keep allow the devil inside my body … he comes with a bunch of thotty haten h*es and his disrespectful mouth. It takes less going to court then having him in me and my daughters life!”

The woman says at some point the artist threatened to put out videos of her giving him head and videos of her v#####, but she dare him to do so, saying she has videos of her own.

She continued, “What’s sad is he really wants to be a better person. He has good days where he cry it out.. but then the devil work him back to hell. I can’t speak for some of the BMs who he never did sh** for, but deep down he know I been solid. I didn’t just meet him, it’s been six years. So I know his good and bad side.”

The woman said she has not seen Future in years, but still wanted to air him out. Future JUST dropped a new music video for a song titled “Massaging Me.” Check it out!