Gangs Implement Detroit’s “No Fly Zone” in Toronto Over Drake-n-Kendrick Beef

Kendrick Lamar Drake

It seems like the Gangs of Toronto are coming together in the name of Drake.

It looks like the beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake is escalating. Top5 isn’t playing around. I’ve heard that he’s a member of the Triple G (GGG) gang in Toronto. This gang was allegedly responsible for snatching DJ Drama’s chains last year, though I can’t confirm that. Top5 has reportedly implemented a “No Fly Zone” in Toronto (do they still call it T-Dot?).

Why? I don’t think there was a lot of disrespect directed at the city. However, it is what it is. A lot has changed since back in the day, but historically, there has been mutual respect between Canada and the States when it comes to hip-hop. Anyway, this feud has turned everything upside down.

This “No Fly Zone” targets people and rappers who have sided with Kendrick Lamar. So, they might be referring to people like YG. I don’t think they are too concerned about this right now. Besides, it’s pretty hard to get into Canada if you have a record, so many of these guys aren’t really worried about it. On the flip side, this attitude might make it difficult for them to stay out of California.

What do you think about this?

Drake has pledged his undying fidelity to Chubbs. We’ll see if Chubbs reall crash something. 

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