Did “The Get Down” Get Cancelled?


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The Netflix series “The Get Down” garnered overwhelmingly favorable reviews but critics and fans. That has not stopped the brass at the streaming media company from canceling the show after one season, according to rumors

The main reason for the ALLEGED cancellation was the cost. It reportedly caused $120 million to produce, but the ratings did not match the budget. It got about 3.2 million viewers in a month. It simply didn’t receive sufficient support to justify the massive budget. Other Netflix originals got between 8-15 million viewers.

Netflix has not formally released statement on the alleged cancellation so perhaps there is a possibility that this is all conjecture and rumor.

Here is the good news. The people that have been putting this great show together, have been going on record talking about season 2. They have stated that season 2 will be in set in the 80’s – the Prince and MJ era. That’s when rap music was POPPIN! That’s a huge leap considering, the first season is set in the disco-like 70s. According to Master Herald, “The story of Ezekiel and Shaolin Fantastic will progress organically as they move into the 80s. Mylene’s story will deal with the end of the disco era and how it affects her whole life in The Get Down Season 2.”

We shall see……………….

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