Check Out Griselda’s Next Dope Collaboration

Griselda - Conway, Westside Gunn, Benny

Griselda has a dope, but unexpected collaboration on the way.

Griselda Records has been on a tear for the last several years. We all know that! They are killing it! And now, the group is slated to do even more. Now we know most of which what they do in a lot of their normal collaborations – hard beats and masculine energy. Not that they’re wack or anything like that, but they are standard fare in the terms of Hip-Hop…

That is about to change.

There is a new kid in town that actually isn’t new at all. That kid is a grown queen by the name of Sa-Roc . Sa-Roc has been around for many years, putting out a solid body of work, including last year’s classic The Sharecropper’s Daughter. She’s rapped side-by-side with the likes of David Banner, Black Thought And Styles P of The Lox. But she’s got bars of extreme fury and insight of her own so those associations are just adding to what she’s already accomplished. Well, the word is Griselda will be working with the Washington D.C. rhyme mistress.

Sa-Roc Says There Doesn’t Need To Be One Queen In Hip-Hop

My sources have revealed to me that this is exactly what is happening. There are additional details, but will keep that under wraps for now just know that Sa-Roc and her team are taking her career to the next level. The interesting thing is Sa-Roc has street ties with a conscious vibe, the proverbial goddess of Hip-Hop. Getting together with Griselda shows a nice exchange of audiences. Also, Griselda has not exchanged raps with a lot of women so this is a switch.

In the meantime, check out some of her songs right here.