Guess How Many Songs T.I. Recorded For His ‘The Dime Trap’ Album?


T.I. may need a little bit of help completing his new album, ‘The Dime Trap’ as he’s having a hard time deciding which tracks will make the final cut.

T.I. revealed that he has recorded over 100 songs on Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show.

“I think the most difficult thing is figuring out which record to put out. You know, which records to put in sequence which will actually make the album. Cause you know after making so many records… We probably have 100 and some change,”said T.I.

Tip also shared that he doesn’t know which direction he plans on taking the Roc Nation release yet.

“I have to pick… Let’s say 12 to 16 records out of that. I think that’s the most difficult cause you have to figure out what’s the tone. What’s the tone of the project? What’s the message? And how you want to present that energy. And they all like my kids.”

When asked about his longevity in this crazy rap game, T.I. attributed it to being consistent, sincere, and in tune with the people.

Are you looking forward to his forthcoming release? Which TIP album is his best work?