Has 50 Cent Parted Ways With Effen Vodka?


It has been a tough couple of weeks for 50 Cent. He has to pay up $5 million to Rick Ross’ ex-girlfriend for uploading her sex tape to the net. Then he filed for bankruptcy. Now people are asking if Effen Vodka broke off ties with the Queens mogul.

50 had been shouting out Effen in all his Instagram posts, but a look at his page now reveals #Effen is no longer mentioned. He even deleted recent Instagram posts about Effen from yesterday and July 15. You have to go back 26 weeks to see a photo featuring Effen on Fif’s IG.

It was not too long ago 50 was promoting the brand in his friendly competition with Diddy. Do you remember his #NoPuffyJuice campaign? This IG post was from back in March:

50 Cent IG2

UPDATE: An hour after AHH posted this story, 50 returned to Instagram and added an old Power promo pic featuring Effen. The post did not have a caption.

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