Hassan Campbell Says He’s “Coming For” Afrika Bambaataa Over Alleged Child Molestation

Afrika Bambaataa has stood accused in the past, but one of his alleged victims is taking an aggressive stance.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Afrika Bambaataa is a pioneer of this thing of ours – Hip-Hop. He is on Mount Rushmore – period. But the legend had some very foul; rumors and accusations about him. Hassan Campbell is one of the many people that accused Afrika Bambaataa of molestation, along with activist Ronald Savage.  Well, Hassan Campbell says, “Lets get it poppin’!”

Now, Hassan Campbell and Ronald Savage have shared experiences, but Hass had been far more vocal in a general sense of the word. Now, something set him off. He is looking to take Afrika Bambaataa to “court” and hit him up legally.  Because some have said “this is snitching,” Hass has not previously gone the legal route. But, I think it seems like he is now, because he is a law-abiding citizen now. 

“Now, I am going to go to court and I am going to enjoy this sh#t,” he said. “Because at the end of the day, Bam got that bag. Bam got that bag and I believe he paid Ron Savage off. And now the only threat he has to him is me. Ron is silent.” Maybe that explains some stuff. (I am watching this video and wa writing at the same time, by the way.)

He talks directly to Bam saying he wants a new car (a BMW) and some money. One thing I am clear about, if this man was white or a woman, people would care. Since he was a young Black male when he was allegedly molested, very little comes out of it. Also, his demeanor is not “weak” in the way other victims are portrayed. Notice I mentioned “portrayed,” so I am not saying they are actually weak. 

Now, there is some stuff in this video where Hass appears to implicate Bam on a murder that he went to jail for. I am not sure exactly what he is talking about. But he dares Bam and his “soldiers” to come get him. I can only imagine he is talking about the Zulu Nation, which is known internationally as a positive organization. Hass does not mince his words in this video – not a bit.  

This is about to get very interesting, especially if it gets to court.