Hassan Campbell Shows Us The Bullet & Alleged Proof He Was Shot

Hassan Campbell

People thought Hassan Campbell was faking his shooting, but he offers the actual bullet that shot him from a hospital bed.

The Critics and Haters might have to eat this one!

Hassan Campbell‘s recent hospitalization sent shockwaves through the online community, acting as a stark reminder that YouTube and the streets are very different. The Bronx native was reportedly shot, but the streets almost instantly called “cap,” because of the way the video played out. It really did not seem like he was blasted. Luckily, doctors successfully removed the bullet. This effectively dispelled any doubts about the the incident.

Like I said, some online critics speculated that Hassan faked the entire event. This turn of events has silenced those skeptics, and really has to have us thinking about misinformation in Hip-Hop. This was pervasive as a rumor or news. We really did not know.

The Bronx is a tough place. Hassan Campbell is a dude that made his bones as “Poppy” in the streets. He’s also known as one of the alleged victims of Hip-Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa. He started his career as somebody fighting for kids in Hip-Hop. Why he’s trolling people outside of a housing project is weird to me. Nevertheless, this serves as a sobering reminder that sh#t is real.

I am glad he was not faking it. Look at this: