Have The Feds Depleted Half Of Diddy’s Money?


Diddy’s money has reportedly taken an incredible dip, according to Forbes magazine. Read up!

Over the past two decades, Diddy has diversified his business ventures into various lifestyle categories -not just music. That was smart because he lost a lot after Biggie died. But he delved into fashion with Sean John, great-smelling fragrance lines, spirits and alcohol with Diageo (Cîroc vodka still hits), and even the Revolt TV network. Towards 2020, his earnings before taxes and fees approached a billion dollars.

In 2019, Forbes estimated Diddy’s wealth at $740 million, but Diddy and his team swore up and down he had achieved billionaire status. Now, they are saying that no documentation was provided to support this assertion. So, what did Diddy and them do? I have not confirmed this, but former Forbes editor Zack O’Malley, wrote a piece that said Diddy has hit that Billi-status. This was on a BLOG. I guess they found a way to proclaim that status that Jay-Z hit years, by any means necessary. NOW, Forbes conservatively estimates his net worth at $400 million.

Diddy Selling Cali Mansion After Homeland Security Raid

Diddy currently faces significant legal challenges and it seems like he is losing money in droves. With serious civil cases against him and a potential federal investigation into human trafficking, his freedom and fortune are under existential threat. I think the R.I.C.O. is on the way, but we shall see. He’s either selling the property because he’s terrorized by the raid or trying to make money for his legal defense.

Either way, this is insane!!