Here’s Why JAY-Z Didn’t Invest $4,800 Into His Hypothetical Cousin’s $2M Scheme


JAY-Z is definitely a real one regardless of what social media has to say about him.

JAY-Z didn’t tell the whole story when he alluded to the idea that he’d previously declined his cousin’s request for a $4,800 loan. If you haven’t seen it by now, a clip has resurfaced from JAY-Z’s interview with Kevin Hart for his Peacock series Heart To Hart.

In the aforementioned clip, Hov appears to shrug off the idea of lending a family member a small sum of money, even though it’s the equivalent of pennies on the dollar to him.

Hov did, in fact, grant his cousin a loan for his business endeavor, but it wasn’t based on the premise of turning a few thousand dollars into a few million–at least not on that premise alone. During his recent speech at the Brooklyn Public Library Gala, JAY-Z actually gave a shout-out to his cousin, Jamar White, who he said he came up “from noodles” with. Believe it or not, Hov invested in White’s Buffalo Boss restaurant idea, which highlights “Brooklyn Hip-Hop swagger” while bringing the party back to the “Party Wing” over 10 years ago. Fast-forward to now, White has an international culinary business operation on his hands and his cousin’s philanthropy is still being misunderstood.

Check out the details of the incredible story below.