Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent’s New Move On Rick Ross! Keri Hilson Sex Tape! T-Pain Talks Teeth!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.MY DAILY TWO SENSE! Hip-Hop needs more rappers with a “schtick” and who is also an inspiration. With that, I present to you 1/2 Price. Illseed.com Exclusive! He’s a […]



content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.MY DAILY TWO SENSE!

Hip-Hop needs more rappers with a “schtick” and who is also an inspiration. With that, I present to you 1/2 Price.

Illseed.com Exclusive! He’s a rapper. He gets girls! He’s gangsta! He ha a posse! The only things he does not have…ARE LEGS! World, meet 1/2 PRICE!

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CLICK HEREEE!!!!!!!!!!!By the way people, it is April FOOL’S Day so don’t be a fool and fall for somebody’s joke. I already got a good one about Rick Ross getting shot. Now that everybody has some form of access, we can pretty much expect for a lot of trash on the net.


You know, I think people are just looking to slander Keri Hilson at this point. Now, somebody emails me that there is a sex tape with Keri and they send this to me. They know my deep feelings for Keri and yet they send it to me anyway. There is a rumored sex tape with Keri Hilson and a “platinum rapper.” Well, she just has happened to be in videos or has songs with two well know platinum selling rappers. Do I think there is a sex tape of Keri and Lil Wayne or Kanye? No. I just think somebody is trying to mess with me!


I told you that rumor was wrong! Frankie’s gonna live for ever! I love her!

“Imani Entertainment has received a huge amount of inquiries in regard to the rumor about Keyshia Cole’s biological mom, Frankie Lons, having recently passed in an automobile accident. The rumor has absolutely NO truth to it — Frankie has not been in any accident of any kind and is doing well at home in Atlanta. We want to thank all of Frankie’s fans for their concern.”

LIL WAYNE’S REAL SIDE PIECE?Check out what my girl Bianca said about the Lil Wayne show that escaped the cameras! Interesting!!!!!I had to write

you because I read your rumor about Keri and Weezy acting mad friendly

at his concert in LA.  I was there, 5th row and I definitely saw the

chemistry and originally thought what everyone else did…that they

were more than “friends”.  HOWEVER….that all changed when Wayne

performed prom queen with one of his Young Money artist, the lady who

wrote the song….Shanell (Shanell Woogett).  He kissed her on stage

after the song WITH tongue for a good 2-3 seconds (which is long for

kissing).  Left me speechless.  So either he is hitting both, hitting

neither and its all for show but I definitely believe that atleast

Shanell can speak first hand about “nothing being little on this

Wayne”.  I don’t have a pic, but a packed house can back me up. Keri

and Wayne seemed more for show.  Keri can pull off the flirtatious role

ie. Usher video and her recent video with Kanye.  A french kiss with

your artist….eeehhhhhh.  Just wanted to share that little tidbit. 

Keep up the juicy work! Thanks Bianca!

Here is the Young Money crew, having fun on the bus with Shanell being the leader of the happy joy! (Why does this rumor have Deja Vu on it!?)


Man, I am hearing all sorts of stuff about T-Pain. One this is for sure, he’s back in effect. I am almost certain that T-Pain was able to get his teeth situation fixed in a a supremely speedy manner. My homey DJ DNA played at a a nightclub in Sacramento with T-Pain night before last and Pain was not hurt at all. The Floridian DJed and hour long set for the after-party. Wow. I didn’t even know Pain DJ’d.

If you have patience, watch this. T-Pain confirms the accident!


Hurricane Chris is having a birthday party soon…but where is dude?!

There is a rumor that Akon and Sean Kingston are doing a song together.

JD and TAG Records is about to be a wrap! Rumor has it, lack of buzz and the economy are forcing it to fold.

KING magazine has closed its doors too. I have to hope that the issue with Joe Budden’s girl Tahiry still comes out.

Raekwon recently signed a deal with EMI, I heard.

Havoc has decided to leave Nature Sounds/Koch Records. Dude, he sold under 1,000 records his first week out. I would leave too!

I am not even going to entertain the damn Omarion Sex tape. SMH at that boy putting that mess on the net. They know they leaked it on purpose!


Fat Joe speaks on the recession to Wild 101.1:

“The recession has affected the whole entire globe. Anyone telling you the recession ain’t real is a liar. So the recession is too real, it’s affecting everybody, you know, if people ain’t got money how can they go to your show? If people ain’t got money, how can they buy your record? Another way that it’s affecting me is a lot of my friends are being laid off. They’re coming to me like, ‘Joe I’m messed up, what can I do’ I try to help but I can’t help the whole world…It really upsets me to know that so many of my friends are doing so bad during these times as well.

Joe also commented on 50 Cent and the ongoing beef with Rick Ross:

“In hip-hop, where do we draw the line…Notice he hasn’t had a fight with nobody yet in every beef he’s had in the universe. Disrespecting DJ Khaled’s mom, that’s not hip-hop. I haven’t heard anybody that thought it was dope.”



YO. I didn’t even want to run this yesterday, because the details of this were so crazy and so sad that it hurt to write. I am writing about it today, because we as a people are going to have to be more mindful of what we are about. I see a lot of degenerate activity and we’ve got to step up to the plate and turn things around. While it is not central to this story, this horror does completely involve an African America family in the suburbs. Anyway…Here is the report from CNN:

(CNN) — By the time the police officer kicked the door in, it was too late. Kerby Revelus was holding his 5-year-old sister, Bianca, and while the officer watched, he dragged a kitchen knife across her throat with such fury that he decapitated her.

Samantha Revelus, 17, had called 911 for help after her brother attacked his sisters with a knife.

Samantha Revelus, 17, had called 911 for help after her brother attacked his sisters with a knife.

“It’s hard to imagine that kind of horror,” said Milton, Massachusetts, Police Chief Richard G. Wells Jr.

Mere seconds passed before other officers arrived and rushed into the home in the tony Boston suburb of 25,000.

Police had received a 911 call from another Revelus sibling, 17-year-old Samantha. Suffering from several deep cuts in her upper body, she was losing strength.

“It was clear that she knew she was mortally wounded,” Wells said. Video Watch police chief discuss decapitation »

Samantha managed to explain that her 23-year-old brother had attacked his sisters with a knife, police said. When she was no longer able to keep talking, the injured teen handed her 9-year-old sister, Sarafina Revelus, the phone.

All the while, the kids’ grandmother was doing laundry in the basement, apparently unaware of the savagery upstairs, police said. Mother Regina Revelus was at work, and father Vronze Revelus was not at home.

As officers surrounded the home and rushed into every room, Kerby ran into a bedroom where Samantha was on the floor, dead. Sarafina was on the floor near her sister’s body, according to Wells.

Kerby Revelus then began attacking Sarafina with the knife, Wells said, prompting police open fire and kill him.



Do I need to say anything more? Shout out to Xilla!


KING was good for the game. I liked how they repped with the name, as it made a statement for the brothers. And also, I liked that it gave a nice touch of class for the ladies.

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