Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Wiz Khalifa and Future Dissing Exes On New Track?


Future and Wiz Khalifa teamed up for a new Mike WiLL Made-It track, P**** Overrated, and of course everyone thinks the song is directed to their exes.

I was skeptical at first, but after listening to a few of the lyrics, there’s a possibility they could be coming for Cici and Amber Rose.

Khalifa raps on his verse, “Oh you must think you a star don’t ya? Wanna be front seat in my car don’t ya? Cristal from the bar, don’t ya? Oh you must think we’ll go far don’t ya?”

Listen to the song once again and make your decisions.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NnEjzsyVHc&w=560&h=315]

But aren’t they the ones who were caught cheating? Just wondering…

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18 thoughts on “Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Wiz Khalifa and Future Dissing Exes On New Track?”

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      3. Your appearance, judging by the times you ask us to google you, you’d think that in your interview you’d exude some sort of confidence, i saw none, and a lack luster performance. And if you gonna rock a tank top, hit the gym at least once a week. Appearance is everything in the music industry, your wardrobe was null.

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  4. i wonder how old this song lol great marketing by mike will to drop song and have everyone talking about it cause his break thats one way to give wack song buzz

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