Hip-Hop Rumors: Does the Game Want to Wife Khloe Kardashian?

Reports are saying that The Game has romantic feelings for Khloe Kardashian.

The Game and Khloe Kardashian have been friends for a while so, it wouldn’t be far-fetched that romantic feelings could start to develop. Scandalous, yes. No plausible, nah. Anyway, Radar Online is saying that The Game is telling Khlo Khlo to officially divorce Larmar Odom so that he can have her all to imself.

Via Radar:

Kardashian “has been turning to The Game during her marriage woes with Lamar. He has been a great friend to her, and very supportive of Khloe,” a source told Radar.

“Jayceon (The Game’s legal name) has made no secret that he has very strong feelings for Khloe, beyond friendship. Nothing inappropriate has happened, Jayceon respects the fact she is still married, but he is definitely waiting in the wings, hoping Khloe pulls the plug on her marriage to Lamar.”

The 29-year-old E! star has already had divorce papers drawn and she’s even signed them — but is hesitant to “pull the trigger.”

Despite ongoing allegations of Odom’s cheating and drug use, Kardashian was desperate to save her marriage until very recently.

The report continued saying that not only is the Game one of the few people who can make Khloe smile, but the Kardashian Krew is fond of him. Meanwhile, Khloe is allegedly still trying to be a rider for her troubled hubby and seems to think that a baby can help fix their broken relationship.

Either way, this wouldn’t be a good hook up. The Game has his own baggage with on again off again fiancee Tiffney Cambridge.