Hip-Hop Rumors: Laura Govan Mad at Shaunie O’Neal For Catering to ‘Ho’s’

Laura Govan says that Shaunie is catering too much to “ho’s” when it comes to “Basketball Wives.”

We all know Shaunie O’Neal’s bottom line is the dollar. That’s why some of her so-called friendships haven’t withstood the popularity of Basketball Wives. Some keep their issues to themselves but when you have a woman as outspoken as Lora Govan of Basketball Wives LA fame, you know she’s going to tell it.

TMZ caught up with Govan who, won’t be returning to Basketball Wives LA next season, to chat about how she’s feeling. She was calm but she did say that she was mad at Shaunie O’Neal for not keeping Basketball Wives true to its “original concept.”

“She shoulda kept ‘Basketball Wives,’ Basketball wives,” she said adding, “There coulda been a ‘Housewives or a Ho’ show for everybody else later.”

But um…the show has never really featured any actual wives in the majority. However, I kinda feel her. I mean, Draya is returning to the next season of BBWLA and there will be a new cast but word on the street is that they’re all more like jump offs and mistresses.

To Laura’s credit, the original shows may have featured one wife, some engaged, some in actual relationships and at least a babymama but sources say the next round of Basketball Wives LA is going to be more Groupies Who Wanna Be Basketball Wives.