Hip-Hop Rumors: LMAO!!!!!!!! Nicki Minaj Gets Ghetto At Steakhouse!



They say you can’t buy class!

Nicki Minaj has come from rags to riches, but TMZ broke a story that is basically a sin in the world of foodies. “We” love A1 steak cause. We just do! It pretty much makes everything taste good with all those spices and salt. But, Nicki went and did a dastardly, dastardly deed! She was eating at BOA, a fancy restaurant and committed a sin. The upscale spot  had a chef cook her a steak. And Nicki, in the middle of her meal, demanded that somebody go and get her some damn A1 steak sauce. They did just that: THEY WENT OUTSIDE OF THE RESTAURANT AND GOT HER SOME FREAKIN’ A1 STEAK SAUCE. This is such a diss to the chef! LOL! That chef is probably on suicide watch right now. Anyway, Nicki clearly isn’t Hollywood yet so f**k American Idol. Rock on, K-Mart! She’s real as real gets. She still eats her food, no matter how fancy, with A1.

Man, A1 better get her an endorsement deal, because she reportedly ALWAYS eats her meat with A1. She has me thinking all freaky right now. Shame on me.

She needs to get on the “A1 remix with Kendrick and Meek!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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