Hip-Hop Rumors: R. Kelly Setting Sail For New Tour?!! “Scarface” Getting a Makeover!!!


R Kelly’s “Love Letter” Cruise Sets Sail in October!

You read correctly, and no that does not mean that R. Kelly will be taking his new tour abroad…well, not entirely. On October 1, 2012, the “Love Letter” Cruise will be leaving the Miami portend, and stopping in Grand Turk, Cay, and Nassau, Bahamas, and then heading back to the U.S.

The entire cruise will last six days, and in addition to daily concerts by Kells, the cruise will also offer a fashion show, salsa lessons, and a number of other activities. The cruise will also be used to help promote his autobiography, Soula Coaster: The Story of Me, which should be hitting store shelves some time in Spring of 2012.

This isn’t as strange as it might sound, or maybe it is. A number of iconic artists have done these types of cruises in recent years with great success, including the Backstreet Boys, Motley Crue, and New Kids on the Block.

For those of you who are upset that you can’t make it next year, have no fear – Kelly already informed fans via Twitter that this would be the first of an “annual event.”

“Scarface” Being Remade…Sigh.

This is surely not “news” to anyone who follows the recent obsession Hollywood has with remaking every movie they possibly can, and unfortunately, Brian De Palma’s 1983 “classic” Scarface is next in line. Now before you go getting all upset, the 1983 version is in fact a remake itself of a 1932 film, so Scarface being remade is not entirely a new idea.

BUT, here is the small hope that the film has going for it: David Ayer is writing the remake. The same David Ayer who wrote Training Day. You’ve got to find the small positives in every negative situation, people, and this seems to be the only positive thing going for the film at this time. The new Scarface is also said to not be a direct remake of the Pacino version, but will use the familiar and basic premise “of an immigrant working his way up in the United States.”

Thoughts on the remake, and any ideas on who should play the new incarnation of the iconic “Tony Montana” character?