Hip-Hop Rumors: Stic.Man Of Dead Prez Speaks On Nas Ghostwiting Rumors!


Dead prez’s Stic.Man was named in a tweet by writer Dream Hampton for ghostwriting Nas’s last album. Well, that didn’t take long and now Stic.Man has spoken up and when so far as to call her a “hater.” [READ: Nas Denies Using Ghostwriters!] He later took that back, but he didn’t mince words about the assertion that he and Jay Electronica ghostwrote Nas’s last album. I think that in the interest of being objective, it is clear that he worked with Nas in some way and form. But that’s with ANY artist you can name in the game. OK, maybe not Canibus, but he’s not exactly in the game either. Anyway, Dreamy H. has her share of old rumors swirling too. Some stuff is better left unsaid, especially on twitter.

Check out what Stic said.

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Thanks, Stic.Man!