How The Wendy Show People Got The Last Laugh On Wendy – YouTube, IG, Website GONE!

Wendy Williams

Every episode of The Wendy Williams show has been deleted. Somehow Cardi B’s name is being tossed around this, adding to the rumors.

There’s a ton of money to be made on the internet, especially Youtube. And there’s people that don’t care about that. Whatever Wendy Williams did, she upset somebody. As her show was being canceled, they deleted her whole YouTube page! The whole thing is gone! I would not be looking for that anyway, but some would. Also, it would keep her likeness out there and possibly popping. Or allow people to do stuff like repost her classic moments on social media. The website has disappeared too. And the Instagram. GONE!

So, what is going on? Was this a spiteful move? Did they hate Wendy’s so much they they needed to erase her from history? A cold move, indeed!

Wendy is supposed to be launching a podcast soon. I wonder how that will work and if it will be effective in bringing her back to the front. I am not sure, but it may not work. If these forces are against her, who can be for her?

There’s a weird undercurrent that has said that Cardi B has something to do with this. But I find that quite ridiculous. But the internets don’t stop.

Her brother Tommy has stated in a new interview that Wendy Williams of old is gone. He says it is overall sad and he is totally heartbroken. He says he has tried to maintain his composure and quiet in the wake of things. He also let’s her ex-husband Kevin off the hook, stating he is not the reason for her current woes. He does not believe anything is wrong, but clearly her foot looks crazy.

Above all, she is in denial, he says.
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