Is Balenciaga Struggling? 50% Off And Free Shipping!


Balenciaga is having some sales, as low as 50%. Is this a sign of them suffered after the allegations of B### Bears And Babies?

I literally have never bought Balenciaga a day in my life. In fact, I have never bothered to consider them anything that I would ever wear. If I was homeless, I might consider it as chic. But, other than that, nope. They did have some cool kicks that shook up the game, in my opinion. Beyond that, it’s a big NO. For the longest, Balenciaga was a huge brand for the affluent and those that want to be affluent.

Kanye West helped raise the profile of Balenciaga to The Blacks and others. He was also a big part of their aesthetic. There’s a new collection with Adidas and I bet Kanye had something to do with that. Well, all these good things happen and then there’s some huge bad stuff that happened recently. Balenciaga has been accused of some heinous stuff regarding inappropriate stuff with kids!

The little girl above rocks a T-shirt from Balenciaga as she holds a strap while linked to a Teddy bear with some wild B###-looking gear on. They had another kid with a similar set up. First of all, who are these kids’ parents? Secondly, who at Balenciaga approved this? Needless to say, people have been fired, apologies have been made and Balenciaga has gone so far as to sue the ad agency for $25 million to absolve themselves of liability (IMO). So, the point of all this is that some have noticed that the brand has had some sales recently. Now, there are some sale for as low as 50%.

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Most people feel this is probably normal sale-stuff. They are doing a cleaning house-type thing to make way for the next “season” of clothing. We aren’t generally used to seeing Balenci-anything on sale so it seems weird. But, from what I understand, they do have sales. And free shipping…who rich is thinking about free shipping? This is stuff broke people think is a sign of weakening! What do you think?

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