Is Rihanna Acting Out Before Super Bowl Performance?


According to rumors, Rihanna arrived to a Super Bowl rehearsal five hours late, causing concern for her halftime show!

We all love Rihanna.

I just wanted to state that before anything else was said. So, what’s the issue? Rihanna is slated to do the Super Bowl in a little over a month or so. This is massive. However, there have been some performance challenges with the Fenty Queen in the past. I am CERTAIN she is going to kill it, but some people have some concerns.

A recent rumor has stated that Rihanna has not been fully compliant with regard to the rehearsals. Specifically, they said that she was five hours late for a rehearsal that was slated to start at 12 am. First off all, what is a rehearsal doing starting at that time. Secondly, how is she getting there that late, which is actually very, very early?!

Isn’t RiRi worth a billion?

I am thinking she can do whatever she wants at this time! On the real side of life, I think she should take this seriously, if there’s any truth to the rumor. We know she is truly one of our favorites. I am in love with her forever, but nobody wants to see her turn into the subject of social media clownery! That is exactly what will happen if she does not ACE this. We already know the Beyonce comparison are on the way!

Let’s go, Navy!