Its Looking Even Worse For Casanova! The Streets Are Whispering…


A lawyer is talking about Casanova and it ain’t good.

It is not looking good for Casanova. This we know.

I know it may seem like it looks dismal, but that’s because it IS dismal. No knock against Casanova, but it just doesn’t look good on any level whatsoever. So, the Internet reporters are at it again, but this time they interviewed a lawyer who is extremely familiar with the case and other cases like it. The lawyer is also very familiar with general law and Casanova specifically. That said here, he is saying that the feds have been looking at Casanova and the crew that he is affiliated with for roughly 3 years. They have been building a case for three whole years! So this means that they have amassed a gang of text messages, phone calls, surveillance, social media, interviews and other stuff that can help them keep that 95% conviction rate nice and intact.

Reality is, Casanova might not even be guilty, but in the world of Hip-Hop and theater, it doesn’t matter to the law. So if he pretends to be something or projects to be something and, they see you around the actual thing, they are going to say you are the actual thing too. And that seems to be what the case is here, but I think that they are going to have a lot more to substantiate their case than just an interview with Nick Cannon. I think they are going to have quite a bit more, but it still doesn’t help anything to be in the same space as these guys that are charged with numerous RICO in fractions. (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations aka the RICO) Law)

I just don’t know what to think, but the streets do. The streets seem to suggest that Casanova may just go the same route as Tekashi69. I don’t know if this is the cloth that Casanova is cut from, because I’ve seen everything that you have seen. Dude looks like a beast in the streets and a man accordingly. Like he’s protected ASAP Rocky in the bing! However, the social media looks different. Again, not judging the man because I would be weaker in that situation. No cap! But, he’s not me.

That said, doing a “Tekashi69” would mean snitching. Now, snitching snitching is one thing, but snitching from a real G is another story. Tekashi69 was never a real G, and that’s why a lot of people are confused and give him a pass. He should not get. pass, but he gets many. Casanova is not Tekashi69. And some of the street guys that I’ve been listening to, say that everything about Casanova‘s demeanor suggest that he may snitch. Take for example, the fact that he is requesting people to come visit him in jail. I didn’t think anything of that. But these other guys, that know better, say that that is almost an invitation to be wrapped up in the mess Casanova is presently in. ESPECIALLY if you are a hood dude. He wasn’t angrily yelling at his mother or father to come see him or send money. If you go to visit him, as a street dude, you would immediately be on the radar of the feds or someone else that would tip them off. Also, all of those recordings in jail become admissible in court. You have no idea what Casanova may say that could potentially implicate you in a crime. Again, not to say that Casanova would do that but just to say that nobody knows. I don’t know what you know, but set ups happen every day, B!

Now I invite you to listen to this lawyer talk about the case!

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