Why Does J. Prince Think Joe Rogan Isn’t A Racist? Twitter Wants ANSWERS

“I’m not Black, I’m O.J. …okay”

As of late, Joe Rogan’s reckless mouth is causing much controversy. First off, his dubious COVID-19 beliefs are causing many artists to flee Spotify. However, it is his gratuitous use of the N-word which is vexing many people. Be that as it may, J. Prince vows, “Joe Rogan is Not a Racist.” Of course, Twitter distinctly responds.

After, the matter-of-fact posts appears on his official Instagram account, the H-Town jefe states his piece. Simply put, he starts off, ” Joe Rogan is not a racist. I know this brother.” Nonetheless, to better substantiate his sentiment the Rap-A-Lot boss boasts, ” It takes a sincere individual to admit when they are wrong and have f##### up about a situation.”

Moreover, the proven peacemaker then asserts, “As you can hear he’s done that and I forgive him because I never want to become one of those people that are filled with un-forgiveness and hate, that we complain about all the time.”

Finally, the esteemed entrepreneur adds, ” Let this be an example to others of the sensitivity of the word “n####” being said by anybody other than a n#### lol” Even though, the woeful podcaster has an unforeseen ally in J. Prince, the public is not here for his hateful shenanigans.

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Of course, social media is collectively is responding to the apt assertion. So now, an array of visceral Twitter posts are taking aim at these somewhat confusing remarks. Above, all many social media users directly address the issue of Joe Rogan.

The Replies:


Furthermore, a collective bafflement is gripping the masses. A concerned voice contends, “J Prince sendin goons for n##### over jokes but defending the white man’s right to say n#####. F##### bozo,” so says @20pcLP. Then, @FACTUALOPINION0 offers an amusing quip. “J prince should change the label name to tap-a-lot records.”


Additionally, the flagrant use of the embittered racial slur is akin to Rogan auditioning for a Tarantino flick. Granted, it is obvious that Mr. Prince gives him a pass for using the racist term. On the other hand, the masses refuse the hollow apology.