Jacksonville Man Claims He Killed Foolio; Alleges Yungeen Ace Put $10K On His Head 

A man confessed to ending the life of the late rapper Julio Foolio for a $10K bounty put up by Yungeen Ace.  

A man has come forward claiming he killed rapper Foolio after Yungeen Ace put up $10,000 to have him murdered. 

The rapper died in an ambush at a Holiday Inn in Tampa while celebrating his 26th birthday. The police are investigating the circumstances surrounding his death but are yet to identify any suspects. 

However, on Thursday (July 4), a video surfaced online of a Jacksonville man confessing to the murder. The unnamed man partially covered his face with a ski mask and wore an orange beanie. The video was captioned, “I bagged Foolio for 10k.” 

“I’m the one who smacked Julio Foolio that night when he got dropped at his birthday celebration,” he began. “I ain’t show my face or give my identity away or nothing like that, but I did that.” 

He continued, alleging that Foolio’s longtime nemesis, Yungeen Ace, offered $10,000 to end his life.   

“There was money on his head. I rock with Ace and them boys, ATK, I be in Jacksonville heavy. If you know you know,” he added. “I did that, I handled that, ‘cause Ace had that money on his head. Ace had done put that 10k up, told me to slide. Told me to smack fool ‘cause he got tired of that n#### running his mouth playing all the time.” 

The man claimed he did it for the money and doesn’t feel sorry because “Foolio had it coming to him.” He also denied rumors the killing was gang-related, saying, “Ace put that bread up and whoever wanted to take it, take it, so I took that. Rest in peace Foolio.” 

Foolio’s Instagram Account Shares New Message

Meanwhile, activity continued on Foolio’s Instagram account following recent exchanges with Yungeen Ace’s page. On Wednesday (July 3,) the account posted a video with a message stating, “You can NEVER KILL A DEMI GOD,” and “the WORLD will be shocked VERY SOON.”