Jay Fizzle May Have The Most Kids Of Any Rapper…EVER!

Jay Fizzle

Rumors are saying he has as many as 22.

Rapper Jay Fizzle says he has a gang of children (rumors saying as many as 22), and all of them have different mothers.

The Paper Route artist and cousin of late Young Dolph did an interview with the Off the Porch podcast on the Dirty Glove Bastards platform where he talked about his really large family.

Surrounded by over thirty sexily clad women, Jay Fizzle talked about his upcoming project, how he likes to be around women and how he thinks his cousin is looking down on him, smiling.

When the host asked him what was the “toughest transition coming into music full time,” Fizzle revealed, “Learning street s##t, you feel me. I got a lot of kids. I got like 14 plus up … and I am so tied into the streets. This s##t hard.”

While he did not say it in this interview, many are saying he has 22 children. As he explained what 14 plus kids meant, the ladies giggled and, with one exclaiming, “Whoo, that’s half of us.”

The host asked him if he was done, Fizzle replied, “You want me to be real? Nah … I ain’t done. It’s really about long as you take care of them. It’s all good…so that don’t even matter.”

Fizzle continued, “I got the mothers and the babies. All of them got different mamas. I am on some boss s##t.”

This is not the first time he spoke about all of his children and baby mothers.


Twitter of course has jokes.

“Young Dolph cousin,Jay Fizzle has 14 kids with 14 baby mamas. Nick Cannon is about to take this personal.”


“Wait…Jay Fizzle from PRE has 22 kids and like 18 baby mommas!?🤡 As a woman how would you be okay with knowing that and still wanting to have his baby??”